Maintenance Program

Many patients would benefit from maintenance care after they have been formally discharged from their plan of care.  Since insurance does not cover maintenance or preventative care, APEX offers affordable self-pay rates for patients who would benefit from intermittent care.

What is maintenance care?

Maintenance care is periodic treatment to help prevent further pain recurrence.   Apex Owner, Mara Lund, encourages maintenance care for all patients, “Many people who present to our office have recurrent pain and dysfunction in their bodies for several years, including spinal mal-alignment, rib dysfunction, or pelvic mal-alignment.  We try to educate them with home programs to minimize their pain and or to identify when it is appropriate to come in for treatment.  Someone who endures monthly episodes of sciatica or severe low back pain may benefit from treatment every 4-6 weeks to decrease their episodic pain to 1-2x/year or less.  Maintenance care is a wonderful tool because patients also know where to go when they are in acute, recurrent pain.  Colorado is a direct access state, meaning patients can access care without a doctor’s referral, when appropriate.”

How often should I come in for maintenance care?

The treating therapist and the patient will decide on a plan for maintenance care.  Typically maintenance care is every 3-8 weeks, depending on the individual and what they are able to afford.

What can I expect during a maintenance visit?

The therapist will perform whatever treatment is necessary to address deficiencies or pain via manual treatment including joint mobilization, stretching, soft tissue mobilization and modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc…)  The therapist will revisit a patient’s current home program and make any appropriate changes or advancements to ensure its continued benefit.

APEX Physical Therapy also offers affordable self-pay rates and punch passes for Pilates Reformer Sessions and Trigger Point Dry Needling.  Please call regarding specific rates and pricing.