Mara’s Profile


Mara graduated from The University of New Mexico with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy in 1999.  Prior to that, she studied Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota.  After relocating to Denver in 2003, Mara became a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association and has been practicing in an outpatient setting for 13 years.  Mara has extensive coursework in the administration of manual treatment to include myofascial release, joint mobilization and trigger point release.  Her strengths include treatment of the pelvis and sacroiliac joint, shoulder and knee.  In  2012, Mara become certified in the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to help identify abnormal movement patterns that significantly increase an individual’s risk for injury.  Based on the individual’s FMS score, Mara will prescribe corrective exercises to reduce their risk of injury.

Mara has been in private practice since 2006 and enjoys working with patients of all ages, with the goal of restoring or even surpassing their prior functional level.  Outside of work, Mara loves to spend time with her family while hiking, fishing or doing anything else outside.